{thumb} Orobouros -- 2006.01.10
A pattern made by a pointed pendulum lightly touching the surface of fine sand as it swings. Some people think these patterns have mystical meaning.[=] Credits: Image from Eric S. Fredricks, 2001.05.20.
{thumb} Lichen -- 2006.01.10
Quiet and subtle movement.[=] Credits: Image from largo@current.nu, modified by Jess Anderson.
{thumb} Persian Carpet -- 2006.01.10
Folk art developed to great refinement.[=] Credits: Photo by Eitan Isaacson.
{thumb} Grass Frost -- 2006.01.11
Morning frost on a blade of grass, imaged using a low-temperature scanning electron microscope. Frost crystals form perpendicular to individual blades of grass.[=] Credits: EPOD, 2004.03.17. Photo provided by Eric Erbe.
{thumb} Grid -- 2006.01.06
A target for checking the eye's visual field.[=] Credits: Jess Anderson, public domain.