The categories under which the themes are grouped are pretty arbitrary. Under each category a catalog page shows thumbnails with a general description and credits. Description (about.lsm) and credits (credits.lsm) files are included in every theme.

Downloading policy
An article at Freshmeat.com stresses providing applicable copyright information and a suitable statement of license and copying requirements for software available for download. A README file with those details comes with every theme. Please respect what it says.

Credit for background images is included where the information was available. Excepting those images, this is all my own work, in which copyright subsists, without restricting copying as long as the README provisions are observed.

Technical details
These themes are compatible with Window Maker versions from 0.60.x on, that is, each theme exists in a directory called [name].themed containing all elements of that theme.

My designs let the workspace background image dominate, keep other decorations on the simple side, and standardize fonts and font sizes.

Background images are 1600x1200 pixels, 24-bit color. They are scaled with spixmap, so there should be no problem at smaller screen resolutions. Three exceptions (all under Digital Art) are shown with tpixmap.

I have vision problems, so font sizes and spacing controlled by the various ExtendSpace specifications might be large for others' purposes. The fonts themselves, however, will exist on virtually any X server.

I've used Window Maker since 1998 or 1999. Before that I used NeXT computers and liked the similarities of workspace organization between NeXTstep and Window Maker.

Interests in graphic art, science and nature soon got me involved with themes. I already had a personal web site, so I created a subdomain for themes in November, 2002. To judge by the access counter, there is interest in the work; that has led to more theme-making.

If you notice insufficient or incorrect information and can correct the problem, please contact me.

Jess Anderson
Madison, Wisconsin