Winter Scenery
{thumb} Bavarian Road -- 2006.01.06
The region is noted for its scenery and its placid rural ways. Even today farm life has not changed greatly here -- horses may draw a covered wagon on a lonely grey-white lane.[=] Credits: NGPOD archive, 2005.12.08. Photo by George F. Mobley, 1973. Copyright: National Geographic Society, 2005.
{thumb} Iceland Fjord -- 2006.01.11
A house shelters its occupants from winter on the coastline in Hvalfjoördur, which means "fjord of the whales.[=] Credits: NGPOD, 2004.09.30. Photo by Sisse Brimberg, 1998. Copyright National Geographic Society, 2004.
{thumb} Wasatch Range -- 2006.01.16
Near Park City, Wasatch Range, Utah, a hot air balloon drifts above spectacular views.[=] Credits: NGPOD, 2003.11.13. Photo by James P. Blair, 1993. Copyright National Geographic Society, 2003.
{thumb} St Elias Mountains -- 2006.01.15
St. Elias Mountains, Yukon Territory, Canada. Chilled by creeping darkness, a team slogs home from peaks called Baldy, far left, and Butterfly Beach, the dark ridge at right. A rope binds them for safety.[=] Credits: NGPOD, 2003.10.26. Photo by Robert Clark, 1997. Copyright National Geographic Society, 2004.
{thumb} Teton Snow -- 2006.01.05
Barely visible, a wooden fence peaks out from under a blanket of snow in Grand Teton National Park. Averaging 191 in (485 cm) per year, the park is largely covered in snow from November to April.[=] Credits: NGPOD archive, 2005.01.23. Photo by David Alan Harvey, 1978. Copyright: National Geographic Society, 2005.
{thumb} Jackson Hole -- 2006.01.01
Looking down from the ski area into the cloud-draped valley, one of the most beautiful places in the Rocky Mountains, just outside the south boundary of Grand Teton National Park.[=] Credits: Photo by unknown, 2005.12.17.
{thumb} Salmon Valley -- 2006.01.14
The forces of politics and economics are closing in on those who earn their living from the land -- in Idaho's Salmon Valley, a lone rider surveys his ranch.[=] Credits: NGPOD, 2003.11.03. Photo by Joel Sartore, 1992. Copyright National Geographic Society, 2004.
{thumb} Winter Silence -- 2006.01.30
One might imagine that total stillness, neither sound nor movement intruding, accompanies this snowy scene.[=] Credits: Photo by Marieclaire, 2006.01.29. Copyright Hebus.Com, 2006.
{thumb} Lake Baikal -- 2006.01.21
Viewed through a frosty window, the expanse of taiga beyond Lake Baikal. Chekhov said: "Only migrating birds know where it ends."[=] Credits: NGPOD, 2001.11.20. Photo by Gerd Ludwig, 1997. Copyright National Geographic Society, 2001.
{thumb} Winter Maples -- 2006.01.21
Sugar maples shade a quiet country road on the Gonyaw farm in Vermont.[=] Credits: NGPOD, 2001.12.30. Photo by Michael S. Yamashita, 1998. Copyright National Geographic Society, 2001.
{thumb} Snow Train -- 2002.11.15
Very dramatic scene, especially for Tuscaloosa, where snow is not that common.[=] Credits: Workspace photo copyright by Paul Victor Novarese (novarese@atdot.org): A Kansas City Southern train driving through the snow. Image was taken by me December 1997 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
{thumb} Winter 1 -- 2003.02.13
A big pine alongside a small stream right after a snowfall.[=] Credits: Workspace image from a theme by Artemis, 2002, (ubergeek@geeksrus.com, http://www.juanha.com).
{thumb} Winter in BC -- 2005.12.28
Fresh deep snow covers a road in British Columbia.[=] Credits: Photo by P. Adams.
{thumb} Ice and Reeds -- 2006.01.30
Dormant reeds rest for the winter along the banks of a small stream in France.[=] Credits: Photo by livo, 2006.01.28. Copyright Hebus.Com, 2006.
{thumb} Adirondacks -- 2006.01.06
Winter moves in early on New York's Adirondack Mountains. Cross-country skiers may find a pre-Thanksgiving snowscape to trek across.[=] Credits: NGPOD archive, 2004.12.01. Photo by Maria Stenzel, 1997. Copyright: National Geographic Society, 2005.
{thumb} Ice Trees -- 2003.02.12
A woodland copse in winter.[=] Credits: Background photo from a theme by Artemis (ubergeek@geeksrus.com, http://www.juanha.com).
{thumb} Hoarfrost -- 2006.01.02
Hoarfrost results from direct condensation of water vapor as ice crystals on blades of grass, branches, etc.[=] Credits: Photographer unidentified, 2005.12.29.
{thumb} Treetops -- 2006.01.05
Sunlight illuminates barren winter treetops in Ely, Minnesota.[=] Credits: NGPOD archive, 2005.01.02. Photo by Joel Sartore, 1997. Copyright: National Geographic Society, 2005.
{thumb} Correze -- 2006.02.24
A colorful winter scene in France's Massif Central, the Correze region of Limousin.[=] Credits: Photo by Fabulous.fab, 2006.02.22. Copyright Hebus.Com, 2006.
{thumb} Winter Bridge -- 2006.02.07
Winter setting for a bridge in Parc de l'Orangerie, Strasbourg.[=] Credits: Photo by Gros Nounours, 2006.02.07. Copyright Hebus.Com, 2006.
{thumb} Strasbourg Winter -- 2006.03.07
Frost and leaden skies.[=] Credits: Hebus.Com. Photo and copyright Gros Nounours, 2006.03.05.
{thumb} Fog -- 2006.02.24
Morning mist, somewhere in la belle France.[=] Credits: Photo by Cece, 2006.02.22. Copyright Hebus.Com, 2006.
{thumb} Forest Hoarfrost -- 2006.02.03
A forest covered with hoarfrost.[=] Credits: Photo by Gros Nounours 2006.02.03. Copyright Hebus.Com, 2006.
{thumb} Winter Canal -- 2006.02.20
The Marne-Rhine canal (Alsace, France) on a calm winter day.[=] Credits: Photo by Gros Nounours, 2006.02.19. Copyright Hebus.Com, 2006.
{thumb} Shrubs or Trees -- 2006.03.07
Uncertainty about the scale causes some ambiguity.[=] Credits: Hebus.Com. Photo and copyright Yughues, 2006.03.05.
{thumb} Pastel Ice -- 2003.11.07
Pastel colors of an ice cave, Antarctica.[=] Credits: Photo and copyright: Guillaume Dargaud 1993.
{thumb} Iceberg Climbing -- 2003.11.05
Dargaud's caption says "On our way to some mighty iceberg climbing, Antarctica, 1993."[=] Credits: Photo and copyright Guillaume Dargaud, 1993.